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Crostone with black truffle sauce, pecorino cheese and pears

Ingredients for 2 people:

90g pecorino cheese or another semi-seasoned cheese of your choice
1 pear
1 spoon of Casale1485 black truffle sauce
2 slices of bread per person


Step 1:
Cut the bread into slices. We suggest a thickness of around 1cm, the trick is not to cut it too thin, or thick.

Step 2:
Lightly toast the bread on both sides.

Step 3:
Cut the pecorino cheese into slices.
Cover the bread with the 2 slices of pecorino cheese.

Step 4:
Cut the pear into slices.
Cover the pecorino cheese with the slices of pear.

Step 5:
Cover the pear with 2 slices of pecorino cheese.

Step 6:
Spread the top with a teaspoon of Casale1485 black truffle sauce.

Step 7:
Warm up the Crostoni in an oven at 200°C for less than 5 minutes.
Serve hot immediatly!
Suitable at brunch, lunch or dinner!

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