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Extra virgin olive oil

Unique for the hand-picking of olives at early ripeness

This extraordinary extra virgin olive oil is made from olives grown on an Italian grove of 60-year-old olive trees, located in the centre of Italy.

Wonderfully well-balanced, this extra virgin olive oil exhibits a consistent quality that comes from the expert blending of different olive varieties, each carefully hand-harvested, milled and cold-pressed. The olives are pressed within two hours of being picked to ensure maximum freshness. Casale1485 extra virgin olive oil has extraordinary quality and taste.

Any slight cloudiness or sediment is a sign of the oil’s pure and natural state.

Casale1485 extra virgin olive oil is delicious drizzled over soups, grilled meats, and warm vegetables. It’s also great on fresh salads or as a dip for crusty bread.

Casale1485 extra virgin olive oil is also available in 150 ml. tins.  The tin is suitable for adorning the tables of any fashionable restaurant that aims to surprise and cherish its customers.

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