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Whole Chicklings

A Regional Umbrian Product

Casale1485 Whole Chicklings are 100% Italian products. Chicklings are traditional pulses from the centre of Italy. Their appearance is quite strange and unusual for pulses, since they are flat and rectangular shaped. The seeds are yellowish-coloured. Once they are hulled, chicklings look like small gold nuggets. Casale1485 Chicklings are cultivated in the region of Umbria, close to Tuscany, where they are gastronomic specialties and niche products. Tasty soups are usually prepared with chicklings, tomatoes and sage. With Casale1485 hulled chicklings, it is also easy to prepare “vellutate” (creamy soups) and sauces to dress bruschettas and appetizers. Chicklings need to soak before cooking. Chicklings have a unique taste, pleasant and soft, with undertones of nuts. Chicklings, being a leguminous plant, are rich in proteins. We can suggest you several flavourful chickling-based dishes, wich can also be tasted at Italian restaurants specializing in regional home-style cooking.

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