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Lentils from Colfiorito

A Regional Umbrian Product

Colfiorito is a small town, in the region Umbria, in the centre of Italy. Distinctive conditions such as a soil rich in minerals, a specific altitude that ranges from 780 m to 850 m and mild temperatures allow the area around Colfiorito to be an unequalled area for cereals and pulses.

Lentils from Colfiorito can be recognized by their tiny size and by their rich range of colours that vary from light green, rose-coloured, and tobacco brown to dark brown.  These two variables of colour and size are determined by the region’s mineral-rich soil and make Colfiorito Lentils excellent in taste and highly recognizable from other varieties of lentils. The excellence of Colfiorito lentils is well-known in Italy.

The Lentils from Colfiorito have remarkable nutritional qualities.  They contain proteins, vitamins, fibres and mineral salts that make them very good for those who need a diet rich in potassium and phosphorus, but low in fats. The amount of lentils produced per year is limited, and that’s why lentils from Colfiorito are a niche product. Casale 1485 Colfiorito lentils cook in approximately 20 minutes and do not need to soak. They are tender and tasty. After cooking, their peels do not exfoliate, but remain whole and good looking. This feature makes Casale1485 Colfiorito Lentils highly suitable to combine taste with aesthetics since, when it comes to high-level cuisine, meticulous preparation and careful presentation of food are required. They are highly suitable for gourmet restaurants.

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