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A Regional Umbrian Product

Casale1485 chickpeas are a 100% Italian product.  They are cultivated in the region of Umbria, in the centre of Italy, close to Tuscany. Casale1485 Chickpeas have been selected because of their small size, smooth skin and rounded shape, which make them different from the more common  “Cicer arietinum,”  a bigger, rough chickpea that derived its name from Aries (the ram), referring to the ram’s head shape of the seeds.

Casale1485 chickpeas are tender and savoury, high in proteins and low in fat. Moreover, Casale1485 chickpeas have the unique quality that they keep their peels whole and good-looking after cooking.  This makes Casale1485 chickpeas very suitable to be used for high level cuisine, which requires meticulous preparation and the careful presentation of food. They are highly recommended for gourmet restaurants.

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