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Pearled Farro

A Regional Umbrian Product

Farro is a cereal like wheat and barley. Farro is considered to be the ancestor of wheat and the two plants are genetically related.  However, Farro is not wheat but a plant and grain all its own.

In Italy the use of Farro dates back to the Roman Empire when it was the standard ration of the Roman Legions.  Their many victories helped spread its use rapidly and widely through the Mediterranean regions of the ancient world. At that time, Farro was also regarded as a sacred food, usually used to celebrate weddings and to bring luck to marriages.

Farro has never disappeared from Italian tables, but during the centuries Farro lost ground to higher-yielding crops. In the last few decades Farro has been rediscovered by farmers committed to preserving traditional local food and promoting “fair agriculture”.

Today, Farro is enjoying a resurgence as it’s been rediscovered as a healthy grain and an alternative to wheat especially among trendy health-conscious cooks.

Trade aspects

Nowadays, in direct consequence of the rising interest in healthy living, wholesome food, eating a balanced, low-calorie Mediterranean diet and promoting a fair approach to our natural environment, Farro has been rediscovered in Italy. Recently, Farro moved from rustic tables into fashionable restaurants, wine shops, gourmet boutiques’ corners and gastronomic specialty stores. Gourmet chefs appreciate its firm, toothsome character in hearty vegetable soups and other dishes.

Gastronomic use

Farro is the main ingredient used to prepare tasty soups during the winter and, during the summer, it is used to compliment a wide range of fresh salads, along with tomatoes, olives, mature cheese or mozzarella cut to pieces.  Moreover, it is an intriguing alternative to pasta and can also be prepared as a Farrotto (an alternative to Risotto).

Farro is rich in fibre and it’s usually used in low-calorie diets, thanks to its hunger-stopping ability.

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