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Chickpea Flour

Stone milled

Casale1485 Chickpea flour is a product made with 100 % Italian Chickpeas. In Italy, Chickpea flour is widely used to prepare a sort of Pizza, nationally known as “Farinata” or “Cecina.” As well as pizza, “cecina” can be topped with tomato pieces, mozzarella pieces, vegetables and meat, or, more simply, with rosemary and extra virgin olive oil. Chickpea flour, when compared to common wheat flour, is richer in protein since it is obtained from legumes and not from cereals. Their high protein content is perfect for those wishing to replace red meat in their diet. Thanks to this feature, chickpea flour is often used by vegan people (vegan cuisine does not use animal protein) as a substitute for meat or eggs in making omelettes.

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