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Cannellini Beans

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Casale1485 Cannellini beans have been selected in order to propose an excellent, 100% Italian product for your table. Cannellini beans are a variety of white beans very popular in Italy and among the most delicious and soft of beans. They are typically known for their smooth texture and nutty flavour. Cannellini beans are the main ingredient of a number of traditional home-made regional dishes in Italy. Adding cannellini beans to soups provides a great source of nutrition and extra protein. Moreover, they can be used to prepare fresh salads, or in creamy sauces to augment fish dishes. Cannellini beans need to soak before cooking.


Cannellini Beans - Nutrition declaration for 100g

Energy 279  Kcal – 1166 KJ

Fat g 1,6

   of which saturates g n.a.

Protein g 23,4

Carbohydrate g 45,5

   of which sugars g 2,9

Fibre g 17,6

Salt g 0,0125

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