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Borlotti Beans

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Borlotti beans have been selected by Casale1485 in order to propose an excellent, 100% Italian product for your table. These beans are typically white or cream-coloured with deep red specks that disappear as they darken after cooking. They have a mild flavour, which is somewhat comparable to nuts, particularly chestnuts. In Italy, Borlotti beans are the main ingredient of a traditional dish (that is at least as well-known in Italy as Pizza or Spaghetti) called “Pasta e Fagioli.” “Pasta e fagioli” is a sort of soup made with tomatoes, pasta, some spices and Borlotti beans. Moreover Borlotti beans are used in different sorts of soups or are even added to salads.


Borlotti Beans - Nutrition declaration for 100g

Energy 291 Kcal –  1216 KJ

Fat g 2

   of which saturates g 0,5

Protein g 20,2

Carbohydrate g 47,5

   of which sugars g 3,5

Fibre g 17,3

Salt g 0,0075

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